Lucca, Italy

Before we arriving in Florence, I had never even heard of the town of Lucca. But immediately when we got to Florence, every single native Florentine told us that we had to make a day trip to Lucca. Lucca is about an hour west of Florence and is easily accessible by car or train. We took the train out for a day trip to see what all the fuss was about and were totally not disappointed! Lucca is an ancient walled city. Now this is no ordinary wall. The wall around the city is massive. We rented bikes and rode on top of the wall, which was so much fun. It was like bike riding on a really scenic beautiful track that overlooks an ancient Italian city. Definitely so much fun and something you must do if you ever visit. We explored the city during the day and I just loved how untouched it felt. We barely saw any Americans in the city. We actually barely saw any tourists there in general. Lucca was way less crowded than Florence or Rome or any other of the major Italian hotspots. I loved our day trip to this cute little spot.



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