Black and white in Springtime

Is anyone else watching Chef’s Table on Netflix?! It is so good and we just cannot stop watching! I absolutely LOVED the sweet Italian chef from the first episode! He just completely adored his wife and it felt like he had a much better work life balance than all the other chefs we have watched so far. The other chefs are so intense and so quirky .. it is such good TV! We also binge watched all of the Abstract original series which was ALSO amazing. I cannot believe how many talented people there are in the world. I love how shows like Chef’s Table and Abstract give you an inside look into these super star creative’s lives. It is so fun to see how these super star creative people are so passionate about their work. Netflix is creating such amazing new content and I just cannot stop watching! I cannot believe how fast this weekend flew by! Gah! I know it is not Memorial Day weekend but I had to wear these white pants because a person can only wear the same jeans for so long! Black and white is such a classic easy combo.

Black tank top from // White jeans from Zara // Shoes from Toms // Jacket also from Zara older purchase so unavailable online but similar one found here // Also love this black and white top // Blow dry and hair by Tina Tobar from Renee Feldman Salon



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