Lilac season


You guys. I am the most predictable person ever. I love off the shoulder everything. I will always stop to take pictures of flowers and love flowy, boho, lace detailing. I eat the same thing every single day for breakfast- Siggi’s vanilla yogurt and an english muffin thank you very much!  Matt always laughs at me because he can guess exactly what I will be bringing home from the grocery store. Without fail I always buy avocado, lemons, chocolate, grapes, Siggi’s yogurt (Umm you MUST try and once you do there is NO going back) and english muffins. There are obviously other things bought but ALWAYS those. So it would stand to reason that I am somewhat predictable about the clothing that I LOVE.

This is almost exactly what I am wearing, and umm hi! this dress is everything! Black and white very similar and umm this is the cutest! and I do not care who you are but you need this! Gah this is best one! Alright I will stop now… 🙂 I am wearing M.Gemi “The Peonia” in Black and they are very tall but surprisingly comfortable. I could really walk around very comfortably which was amazing and they are so cute. Obsessed. See more of my picks from M.Gemi here.

DSC_0623  DSC_0643 DSC_0655 DSC_0659 DSC_0663

DSC_0689DSC_0695 DSC_0690DSC_0723In other news the world is totally beautiful again and it is beyond amazing. The lilacs smell like heaven! I cannot get over it.


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