Warm Weather Formal Wedding Dress

Shannon and I grew up sharing each other’s clothes. The “sharing” part, however, did not always go smoothly. On more than one occasion our knock out drag out fights involved clothing. We laugh so hard about those moments now because….. maturity. There is no one I would rather share clothing with than this little love bug. There are so many reasons why I am so lucky to have Shannon as my little sister. We get to share clothes. Giggle about things that only we think are funny since we grow up together and have the same sense of humor. Time is flying by and soon she will be graduating from COLLEGE! WUT. It does not seem real. Just the other day I was making her play dress up with me and dressing her up in little outfits. It seems not much has really changed. Check out the beautiful dress Shannon is wearing in Houston for a wedding. Tooo cute. Love the simplicity of it. I think you get the running theme happening over here… simple is always better. 


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