Oh my gosh this is my very favorite post ever! I can.not.handle.the.flower.trees. I completely died from joy when I saw the bushes of bougainvillea everywhere in Palm Springs. Truly nothing makes my heart happier. The dress I am wearing in these photos is from NastyGal but is very sadly not available anymore! Very similar option found here and then also love this option. Another amazing white dress option…. Side note also love this jumpsuit from Zara for summer days.

If you are just starting to wrap your head around spring shopping I have compiled five of my favorite spring dresses for those easy breezy warmer days!

  1. By now you all know I love anything and everything by Christy Dawn. I absolutely love her business philosophy and how they pay their seamstresses fair wages and also provide health insurance. I always feel good purchasing from them. Plus the Lennon dress is just my fav. She just released this new dress design and I think it is just so adorable!
  2. If I could only wear clothing by Doen, I think I would be a very happy girl! I am currently lusting over this beauty.
  3. OH my gosh this is just SO beautiful! If only I loved more affordable things!!!!
  4. This dress from Free People is just the cutest and perfect for running around doing errands during the day!
  5. Umm this is adorable.

^^ The Moroccan themed pool lounge at the Parker at night

^^ The Parker at night


^^ You can see the stars in Palm Springs!



The light in the desert is totally magical. I will never ever forget this sunset in Palm Springs. The sun just painted the mountains in light blues and the softest pinks and yellows. I felt like we were living in a real life instagram filter. Photography is all about beautiful light and this light was out of control gorgeous. Just the most radiant sunset light you could ever imagine. The way that it washed over the mountains painting them in different sets of colors was just too much. If I lived in Palm Springs I would rush out to photograph every sunset. It is just all too beautiful. I love these photos so much because they capture a moment of spontaneous joy. My entire life I have valued documenting and capturing everything from milestone moments to just the day to day joys. You could definitely say that I am not a person that flies under the radar :). I just love having a camera ready in case magical moments like this perfect sunset happen and looking back at these photos I am so glad that we ran out to document this magic. One day I hope that our children will be able to look back on these photos of mom and dad, young and in love long before they ever even existed.

/Dress that I wore constantly during this trip because it is so comfortable and flowy found here/ Shoes that I completely adore found here/ Also love this dress, OBSESSED with this option and this one/