Smalldoor Design is the best interior design company in the Chicago land area. Smalldoor Design worked with this Hinsdale family in the design of their new home. The home leaks casual elegance and global chic. The room below is just too beautiful. Every corner of this home is a past reminder of their rambling Victorian home or a vacation spent with grandparents. The elegant family antiques, which have been interspersed among the house, have come to define “home” for this family’s three daughters in NYC, LA and San Francisco. 

^^ Lap board was used to enhance the architecture of the room, giving it a relaxed and beachy feel. The lap board really enhances the room’s sense of spaciousness and provides the perfect backdrop. 

^^This Quatrine reading chair is made with washable linen. The gorgeous silk drapes have been repurposed and had the tassels removed so that they could be reused in this new room. 

^^ This is a Quatrine upholstered sofa with a John Robshaw pillow for some vibrant, saturated color. 

^^ The floor is covered in a sisal rug to allow for an eclectic meaningful backdrop of the room’s accessories. The John Robshaw pillows really bring visual texture and extra softness to the room. 

^^ This room perfectly balances the deliberate with the accidental, in order to make sure that it did not appear too perfectly “decorated.”

^^ Perhaps, one of the most amazing new items that Smalldoor Design raves about are these bistro chairs. The chairs are entirely handmade in France from the best quality Malacca Cane. They have been built in the same fashion for over one hundred years and are used in cafes all through out Europe. 

^^ The bistro chair brings a little Cafe Cluny (New York City hot spot) flair to this Midwestern home

^^ Sue Ruge, with her partner Denise Schneider, of Smalldoor Design worked tirelessly to bring this room together. Smalldoor Design’s goal is to design to achieve balance and harmony, while emphasizing some items and simplifying others. It’s just as much about what you do not do as what you do! 

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