The minute I saw this pink sand beach, I lost my mind. I kid you not. ACTUALLY pink. I saw the pink speckles in that soft Bahamian sand and all sanity left my mind. Give me a pink sanded beach and I will basically cover myself in this beautiful sand, bury myself deep inside and never move. I HAVE NO CHILL ABOUT THIS. The enthusiasm took over and I have ZERO SHAME. I literally love this beach so much I would marry it. I would find someway to spend the rest of my life looking at this pink and turquoise gorgeousness because it DOES IT FOR ME. I mean during the day the beach alone is enough to lose your mind over but WHEN.THE.SUN.SETS. Just sound every alarm! The beauty level is off.the.charts. I mean we are literally frolicking across this beach like we have never seen a beach before. Did I mention that this beach is pink? Because it is pink. You feel like you are living in the most perfect blueish/pinkish instagram filter you have ever seen.

I have gotten so many questions about the dress I am wearing in these photos and unfortunately I bought it for like $30 from Revolve on sale a couple of years ago. I am the queen of finding amazing maxi dresses on sale for under $50. This is my super power. Matt has been out of town a lot recently and when he is out of town I dive deep into the dark web of online shopping. And when I say dive deep, I mean I really find the most random clothing websites you could ever imagine. It is a blessing and a curse. If you need a beautiful dress, I will find it for you but it will be from a clothing retailer that you may never recognize.

This is just $28 and adorable/ Love this for a wedding, also JUST $28// This Midi for $40 // Um this $18 lace top is adorable // And this satin jumpsuit is a super cool wedding outfit // This Maxi is Perfect for the beach//


We went to Habour Island a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about this beautiful place since we got back! The island cut deep into my heart. There is just something very, very special about this place. We stayed at the Ocean View Club which is a design lovers paradise. Our room had the most beautiful white porch and (pictured above) looked out onto the main beach on the island, the Pink Sands beach. Every night we rushed out onto the beach to watch the sunset. I could barely breathe every time the sun set, the colors were so other worldly. The combination of the pink tinted sand and the clear turquoise water was sometimes just too much to handle. The island feels like a mix between St. Barths, the West Indies, Palm Beach and also has a little bit of a Hamptons vibe from all the New York billionaires that have homes on the Pink Sands beach. To get to Harbour Island, we flew into Fort Lauderdale and then took a small plane from Fort Lauderdale to North Eleuthera in the Bahamas. From North Eleuthera we took a short cab ride to get to the dock, where we took a water taxi across the bay to Harbor Island.

Harbour Island is just 3 miles long and golf carts are the primary form of transportation. On the first day we arrived to the island via water taxi, we made the mistake of taking a cab from the water taxi dock to the Ocean View Club. The cab ride was completely unnecessary and we should have just walked to the hotel! We spent the majority of our time there laying in the sun and taking long walks along the Pink Sands beach. I had seen pictures of weddings at the Ocean View Club on Vogue so I was dying to see this beautiful laissez faire, guest house feeling hotel in person. Also my girl crush photographer, Olivia Rae James had her bachelorette party here and had shot a few weddings here so this place had been on my list of must-sees for awhile. Staying at the OVC feels more like staying in some very stylish friends guest house than in a sterile hotel. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend staying here if you can handle staying somewhere that lacks the typical frills associated with most hotels. Matt and I constantly overheard couples talking about how they had spent Thanksgiving at the OVC or had been there for New Years last year. This place cuts deep and once you leave, you just have to figure out a way to come back. However, if that is not your style then you should stay next door at the Dunmore. The Dunmore is drop dead gorgeous and perfect for those who love luxury travel. Or you could do as the billionaires do and rent one of the multimillion dollar homes that overlook the Pink Sands beach. 🙂