I bought this dress for our trip to Paris because it felt like the most perfect “first-time in Paris” dress! I keep coming back to drop-waist dresses. They are just so cute and so flattering for so many different body types. These pictures are from our time in Paris where I insisted that we check out the Rue Cremieux. The Rue Cremieux in Paris is a little street lined with brightly colored houses. I had seen so many different pictures of this little lane of homes and wanted to see it for myself. In all honesty it was slightly disappointing and not really worth going out of your way to see. It is much smaller than it appears in pictures. There are so many beautiful streets in Paris that checking out this little street is not worth the time although the homes are totally quaint and beautiful.

//I am completely obsessed with this ADORABLE drop waist dress// I love this blue and white drop-waist option// also this patterned flower option is really cute// a super cute tank option// this is so cute and perfect for fall//


I am not sure that I have ever been more filled to the brim with joy! We are currently in Florence but spent the most amazing 3 days in Paris to kick off this summer. This past weekend was my first time ever in Paris and it did not disappoint. Paris is a much more historic and much more beautiful New York City. The vastness of the city totally took us by surprise. I had not expected it to be so massive! You could spend your entire life exploring every neighborhood and street of Paris. We only just scratched the surface of everything that there is to see there. I had always heard that the French were rude and hated Americans; however, we were totally surprised by the French peoples’ kindness and hospitality. They were nothing but patient and sweet to us! Traveling to Paris also felt very easy. The flight from Chicago to Paris is just 7 hours and then you’re there! Totally easy.

We stayed in the 1st arrondisement in Paris. I picked the 1st arrondissement because I had read that it was a central location to all surrounding areas. The 1st arrondissement was great and gave us a good starting off point to explore the other neighborhoods. We stayed at the Handsome Hotel and typical of most European hotels our room was super small and the elevator was so itty bitty tiny that no more than 2 moderately sized people could fit inside! It was a good, clean hotel. I am not sure that I would recommend the Handsome Hotel because it was not anything special but it did the trick. The next time we go back I would stay in St. Germain or the Le Marais districts, however. Now that we have  a better feel for the city I think we would stay in St. Germain. Matt and I also really loved the Latin District. The Latin District, St. Germain and Le Marais are areas all filled with the most gorgeous open air shops and bistros that spill out onto the streets.

^^ Can we just talk about how amazing The Goop City Guides are?! Gwyneth Paltrow never steers me  wrong. While planning this trip I got recommendations from friends and basically just used her Classic Paris guide. La Palette was a recommendation from her Classic Paris guide.

^^ Right before our flight to Paris, two excited kids!

^^ a little cafe in Le Marais

^^ I had read about Hotel Costes for months before our trip and just had to take a peek inside this 5 star hotel/nightlife hot spot. We had dinner there and basically just went for the people watching. Everyone there was seriously a super model. It was some of the most interesting people watching! The whole hotel is lush and romantic and also filled with super old men with very young models. It is quite a scene but worth seeing! We paid $17 euro for my avocado salad which was literally just an avocado! You are basically paying for the atmosphere and scene.

^^ You can stroll through the most amazing gardens for days! We kept getting lost in gardens!

^^The Louve is so massive and occupies giant city blocks.

^^ The little road with all the brightly colored houses, an Instagram destination for sure!

^^ The most beautiful little Museum, the Rodin Museum is so worth checking out! The gardens are the space are completely gorgeous.

^^ We took the train out to see Versailles one of the days in Paris. I would recommend spending the entire day at Versailles because it is just so totally massive you will need the whole day to explore the grounds! It took us about 2 hours to just briefly walk through the gardens and could have spent another 2 hours in the gardens alone! The lines to get into the Castle were super long. We probably waited in line for about an hour, but it was so worth it. I have never seen something so opulent! Fun Fact- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had some sort of pre-wedding dinner at Versailles and apparently rented out the castle for $300,000! That is seriously the most excessively opulent thing I have ever heard!

^^ The Gardens of Versailles- the orange grove.

^^ “The Thinker” by Rodin at the Rodin Museum

^^ The Rodin Museum

^^ Inside our itty bitty hotel elevator

^^ Inside the Rodin Museum

^^ The Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, totally breathtaking

^^ a lounge area inside of the Hotel Costes

^^ The Rodin Museum

^^ A quick pit stop at the Laduree Royale! The macaroons here seriously tasted better than the ones in NYC.

^^ Paris is filled with the most gorgeous little fruit stands! Isn’t this the most beautiful fruit you have ever seen?!

There is nothing that brings me more joy than throwing things away. I love getting rid of clutter! It is the very, very best feeling. We live in such a small space that I always try to not let things just accumulate. Recently, we went through our apartment and moved a bunch of books and all of my old law school notes out of our apartment. I also got rid of a ton of clothes that I had not worn in the past year. It is slightly embarrassing how much clutter we had accumulated over the past two years. We packed up everything we wanted to save, packed it into our Enterprise Car and drove it back to my sweet mom’s basement. I love using Enterprise CarShare because it allows us city kids to rent a car for a few hours and not have to worry about the hassle of actually owning one! Go here to sign up for Enterprise CarShare and the first year’s fees are waived! We wanted to make sure that we cleaned out our apartment because we are not going to be there most of this summer, which is a whole different blog post 🙂

^^ Sunday nights call for Chinese takeout 🙂

^^ I love going back to Hinsdale for the day and riding bikes through the town. It is so fun to bike ride in the suburbs and not have to worry about a million cars! 

//Post sponsored by Enterprise CarShare//

Is anyone else watching Chef’s Table on Netflix?! It is so good and we just cannot stop watching! I absolutely LOVED the sweet Italian chef from the first episode! He just completely adored his wife and it felt like he had a much better work life balance than all the other chefs we have watched so far. The other chefs are so intense and so quirky .. it is such good TV! We also binge watched all of the Abstract original series which was ALSO amazing. I cannot believe how many talented people there are in the world. I love how shows like Chef’s Table and Abstract give you an inside look into these super star creative’s lives. It is so fun to see how these super star creative people are so passionate about their work. Netflix is creating such amazing new content and I just cannot stop watching! I cannot believe how fast this weekend flew by! Gah! I know it is not Memorial Day weekend but I had to wear these white pants because a person can only wear the same jeans for so long! Black and white is such a classic easy combo.

Black tank top from Tobi.com // White jeans from Zara // Shoes from Toms // Jacket also from Zara older purchase so unavailable online but similar one found here // Also love this black and white top // Blow dry and hair by Tina Tobar from Renee Feldman Salon


Growing up in my childhood home, my bedroom overlooked a magnolia tree. Whenever the sun shone on the magnolia tree’s pink flowers my bedroom would be flooded with the most gorgeous soft pink light. It was total and complete heaven. Magnolia trees are fickle creatures. One big storm and their pink flowers are washed away never to return for the rest of the season. I used to pray that it would not rain so that I could enjoy those gorgeous flowers as long as possible. Magnolia trees have always had such a special place in my heart and someday I hope that we will have one wherever Matt and I end up living. I wore this dress from Tobi.com for Easter and it can so easily be worn out for drinks or for a family gathering with a great cashmere sweater. I love the nude color. All of the Magnolia trees are in full bloom in the suburbs and it was almost too much for my magnolia tree loving heart! Get outside and in the midst of these blooming trees as soon as you possibly can!

Dress found here // I also love this option // Can we also talk about how this is such a cute work dress??// A different suede option //