What a wonderful week! I can not even begin to thank you for all of your encouraging comments about the launch of Wonder & Awe Photography. I read and then re-read each one and I have just savored them all. It means the world to me to have received all that support. It is truly overwhelming. I strongly believe that as humans we are at our very best and most beautiful when we cheer each other on. I got to witness so much of that beauty this week and it was just the very best.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am so looking forward to working with so many of you as you launch your own creative endeavors. I hope I can be of help and serve you in some small way. Right now I am totally grinning thinking about the chance to photograph more couples and families as they document their love. Each season of life is so special and deserves to be recorded. It is a gift to be able to capture the essence of a moment in the life of your family.

Also! I am ALL in for all of the glamour shots if you need some for your artistic or professional space. I have always prided myself on knowing how to coach women and men through poses that allow them to ease into the process. I am here to help bring out your most beautiful self and I want to help you feel comfortable. If you are afraid of scheduling a session because you are not sure you would know what to do with your hands, do not be afraid! That is what I am here for! I promise I will not leave you hanging out there alone. Also, if you just want some creative content photos for your website shoot me an email (mary@wonderandawe.com)  and we can schedule a time to talk about ideas for props and locations. You are not alone in this! I want to help you create beautiful content and market your brand. Just thinking about it makes me jittery with excitement!

On the first full day of spring, I am so excited to announce the official launch of Wonder & Awe Photography! I love beauty wherever it might be found and I just love helping local businesses and influencers visually showcase their products and services. It’s more fun than you could ever imagine. Because I also run this blog, I know firsthand that you need tons of beautiful photos to create a compelling website and run engaging social media accounts. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty in the everyday and I have loved getting the chance to bring that beauty forth in others. Wonder & Awe Photography has grown organically over the years and I have cherished the chance to work with bloggers, couples, interior design firms and businesses to help them achieve their creative vision.

/Specializing in interior, lifestyle, family and engagement sessions/

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