La Posta Vecchia


Today is the day of all days…we have finally reached the end of the Italy trip pictures friends! I am still pinching myself from the trip even a whole month later. We saved the best for last though, because La Posta Vecchia was one of our favorite days of the whole trip. We loved it so much we were basically crying when we had to leave!

After taking a ferry from Capri to Naples and then taking a train from Naples to Rome, a driver from La Posta Vecchia picked us up from the Rome train station and drove about an hour to the La Posta Vecchia. La Posta Vecchia started off as a historic Roman Villa, later became the home of billionaire Paul Getty, and has since been turned into the most beautiful hotel you could ever imagine. We stayed there for one night before we flew out from Rome the next morning. The airport in Rome is about 45 minutes outside of Rome and was about 30 minutes away from La Posta Vecchia. We decided to stay there in part because we wanted a different experience outside of Rome and also because it is located a little closer to the airport. I wish we had stayed there for at least 2 days because one night just was not enough time! The service at the La Posta Vecchia is absolutely impeccable. They were so kind and paid attention to every single detail. The place is so private that you feel like you are staying in your own private castle. Even though there were other people staying at the hotel, we never saw them! It felt like we had our own private villa which was so amazing. The hotel opens up onto a little private beach space and there is the most gorgeous indoor pool. We spent most of our time there just gasping at how gorgeous the grounds of the hotel were and wandering around the gardens. The hotel would be an absolutely amazing place to have a wedding!

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^^ outside the front of the hotel with my love


^^ Wandering the gardens and filled with so much joy because I saw a pear tree for the first time ever! I can die happy!

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^^ gorgeous breakfast spread 🙂


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