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Over the weekend we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We went to breakfast at Nookies right next door to “A New Leaf” where we got married and then we went over to “A New Leaf” and reminisced about the past year since we had stood there and became husband and wife. I had forgotten how completely magical “A New Leaf” is and all these amazing memories from our wedding day came rushing back.  So much has happened over the course of this year. Getting the chance to go back to the place where we got married on the day we got married just a year before made the day that much more special. Our wedding day was completely and totally magical. The weather was perfect – not too hot with perfect sunshine. In a funny twist of fate, the weather on our anniversary was exactly like it was just a year before- perfect. I had no game plan if it rained because I literally just believed that since Jesus had done the impossible and brought me my husband that he would not allow it to rain on our wedding day. Sure enough there was not a cloud in the sky on August 6th. There are truly no words to describe how magical our wedding day was- it floated by like a dream and was stress-free and filled with joy.

Later that night we went to dinner at Monteverde and then got drinks at London House. Monteverde was unbelievably good. Truly there are no words. I would go back there every single night if I could. The pasta is unbelievable. London House was also really fun although a little euro clubby for my liking but you seriously cannot beat that view. I have lived in Chicago all my life and am generally not very impressed when people claim someplace has an “amazinnnng” view but truly, truly, truly this view is worth seeing.


I wore this dress from Akira which is perfect for date night and my girl Tina Tobar from Renee Feldman Salon (1006 N. Clark Street) blow dried and styled my hair. She does such a good job, totally perfect celebratory hair 🙂

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20160806-IMG_1568   20160806-IMG_1593

Matt’s shoes from MGemi’s new men’s shoe line. The shoes are perfect for going from day to night!


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  1. Susan Ruge
    August 10, 2016 / 10:27 am

    LOVE the MGemis, Matt!!!!

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