Grand Canyon Moments


For the past couple of years, I have had this stirring desire to see the Grand Canyon. Over Memorial Day, Matt and I, both got to see it for the very first time. We drove to the South Rim and wandered around for about a half an hour and then got back in the car and kept driving along the south rim and got out at other look out points along the way.

There is really nothing like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. It is hard to fathom and impossible to describe or capture in pictures. Its vastness alone is shocking.

I came to faith at a Frontier Ranch, a Young Life camp in Colorado high up in the mountains. At every Young Life camp, they have a moment where they turn off all the lights in camp and send the kids out in the pitch black to have 10 minutes in silence under the stars. I so distinctly remember laying under those stars and telling God that my parents had just separated, I did not know what to do and that I was really scared and needed Him to help. At that moment, a wind whisked through the camp and I felt so much peace. There is something about mountains, or any other sort of gorgeous scenery that really makes me feel awed by God.

After seeing the Grand Canyon, I left feeling very safe.

The gorgeousness of it all, created by God alone, reminded me that God is really good and he is safe to be trusted. He alone creates beauty like the Grand Canyon and He alone holds my future.

God creates boundary lines for us to play inside of and as long as we stay inside those lines, we are safely inside His plan. There are times, however, when I start to be afraid that better things lie outside of those lines and like God may be holding out on me. I need to have my heart awed by God to remember that playing inside His lines results in creations like the Grand Canyon. I know this truth and try to always live by it, but I need moments of wonder & awe (if you will) to truly believe it.

We need transcendent moments. Moments that point your heart back to the fact that it is all about Him and He is really good. Music, mountains and walks alone talking to God do it for me. Gorgeous scenery and any sort of excellence, may it be, found in a beautiful meal, book, or flowers, always stirs my heart toward the maker of the excellent.

I hope these photos help you see the beauty of the greatest Maker.

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