This past year Matt and I made it our goal to travel as much as possible. I had never had time to travel (slash was very poor) while I was in law school and I had always dreamed of getting the chance to travel and experience all these new places with my husband. This past year we have already been to Cape Cod, Charleston, Greece, New Orleans, Banff Canada and now Sedona! Neither of us had been to the Grand Canyon and were dying to see it for the first time together. The Grand Canyon is a little tricky to get to (there is really no major airport close by) but we decided to stay in Sedona and then drive out for a day trip to the Grand Canyon from there. (Much more about the Grand Canyon and tips later in the week!) We flew into Phoenix, AZ, rented a Jeep- because road trips are always much more fun in a jeep-  and drove about 2 hours to Sedona where we stayed at the Enchantment Resort. Sedona is red rock heaven. I was actually shocked how beautiful it was. It was much better than I had expected, and nothing at all like Phoenix or any other of the major Arizona towns. The drive itself was really beautiful and pretty in the desert desolate type of way. Cacti everywhere. The weather was perfect- super hot in the sun – but never felt too hot because of the desert dry heat. The nights were much, much cooler and when the sun went behind a cloud it really got very cool.

Arizona-1 Arizona-2 Arizona-3  Arizona-5 Arizona-6 Arizona-7 Arizona-8 Arizona-9 Arizona-12 Arizona2-1

Much more about our trip up tomorrow 🙂


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