Lake Louise

After we spent a few days in Banff, we drove about an hour to Lake Louise. Lake Louise is a glacier lake, in the middle of the most beautiful untouched area of Canada. The lake is bright blue in the summer, melting from the winter freeze in May or June. Because we saw it in March, the lake was completely frozen and you could walk right through it. We stayed at the Fairmount right on Lake Louise, which was so so so beautiful. The whole area is just completely breathtaking, no matter what season it is. We got to do some really beautiful hiking through the paths, that were pristine and perfectly white from the completely unpolluted snow. One day we traveled to the Lake Louise ski slopes and Matt did some veryyy intense skiing, whereas I went snow shoeing! Snowshoeing was really fun because it gave those of us who are not expert skiers, the chance to ride the gondola up the mountain, enjoy the views and feel like we got to be a part of the whole outdoor mountain experience. Our guide told us that Kate Middleton and Prince William went skiing here a couple of years ago and stayed at a little hotel on the other side of the slopes that you can only get to by skies or helicopter! Pretty amazing. Matt and I are already talking about planning another trip back during the summer.


Until next time Lake Louise 🙂


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