Eyes Wide Open

“But this much I have learned- 

if not enough else- 

to live with my eyes open.”- Mary Oliver


Only one week until the big day. So! So! So! Much! Excitement going on over here. For this final week my prayer is that my eyes would be wide open to take in every single moment, every single change, every new memory, every smile, every feeling, every hope and every up and down that lies ahead. It is going to be a sacred week full of lifelong memories and I want to be fully open to receive them. I want the memories burned into my mind and heart so that when life turns hard I can always revisit this sweet time. I am going to lean into every emotion, dismiss nothing, feel all the feelings – ridiculously and fully. This is not a time for efficiency or to move quickly past moments. I will lean in with eyes wide eyed fully open. 














All Photos by Jill Devries Photography



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