Comings and Goings

I am obsessed with sprinkles. They just make everything better. And I mean everything. Until April 30th, Sprinkles has its own limited edition Sprinkle Cupcake to celebrate its anniversary! (Unfortunately, I can’t exactly remember what anniversary it is celebrating… is it the 10th or 20th? Oy. I don’t know. Thank goodness I have a better time remembering my own anniversary.) Matt alerted me to this amazing news and then we immediately rushed over to get one. I mean you can only eat so much kale. The cupcake was amazing even more beautiful in real life. It was like a burst of funfetti perfection. Is it weird that I am this excited about a cupcake? Probably. 

^^ Morning walks through the suburbs 

^^ Such a fun night catching up with old friends (notice the kale… kale to cupcake..) 

 ^^ In the suburbs the magnolia trees are in full bloom, and it is completely amazing. They are the most beautiful trees you will ever see. I could not stop looking at them and just being completely obsessed with the pink light they give off. 

 ^^ No trip to Hinsdale is complete without a stop at Toni Marie’s. The sweetest little treats. 

 ^^ The most handsome guy in the entire world with or without shoes. 

^^ Sometimes you just need to lie down in the middle of a suburban tennis court for a little quiet time. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of little treats! 🙂 


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