Remnants from San Diego

It snowed yesterday in Chicago so I am officially having the post-vacation-end-of-March-where-is-spring blues! Cue- looking through vacation photos to only add to the longing for warmth. At the beginning of our trip to San Diego I took so many great pictures of Matt in front of this amazing wall, and then we lost all of them as a result of the tragic phone stealing of 2015. I literally wanted to cry, because 1) the phone is expensive and 2) I had so many amazing pictures that were lost! Luckily, my fiance is the worlds sweetest man and knows I love taking pictures for my blog so he let me use his phone. All the while Matt was completely terrified that someone was going to text him about the upcoming proposal while I was using his phone and the surprise would be ruined. Luckily, 1) I am generally completely oblivious and 2) get wayyy too distracted by instagram anyway so I never caught on. Here are some of the lost photos from the beginning of our trip. 

^^ Umm how amazing is this super pink tree? And I had a pink bike! Perfection. 

^^ Exploring the seal caves. 

^^ literally these flowers are my obsession. How beautiful right? Isn’t it amazing that God naturally created things this beautiful! 


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