Things I Learned in 2014

A lot can happen in a year. A lot happened in my 2014. 

I graduated from law school. Took the Bar Exam. Passed the Bar Exam. Entered the adult working world. Fell earth shatteringly in love.

I learned so much in one year. The following are three things that God taught me in 2014:

1) He is working all things together for my good.  

The other day my Tumblr account alerted me to the fact that it was the 3 year anniversary of its beginning. I laughed because… oh my ….  I have come sooo far. Three years ago my only creative outlet was my Tumblr, and …. honestly it was the best part of my day. Fast forward to this year. I started Wonder & Awe and then redid and relaunched it. I learned that things do not just happen to you, you have to make them happen. God does not bless inaction. I love that my dreams have grown so much bigger. I love that God is working within humble beginnings and creative nudgings. I am so excited to see what He will do a year from now.

I also learned that this applies in the realm of relationships. I honestly started to think that my heart was hard and that I was just not capable of being head over heels in love. Then, God laughed in my face and brought me a man I felt like I had known my entire life. A man that is perfect in every way for my heart. Someone who is everything more than I could have ever dreamed of. It is something that I could never manufacture, something that is only created by and through the grace of God. God has been within all those tough moments, shaping me and my heart. To finally see the fruit of that work is just so good. 

He is there, working and it is for my good. Lesson learned. 

2) Where God guides, He provides. 

I learned that God is faithful to provide when He guides you somewhere. I finished law school and kept my scholarship all three years. I will never forget the moment that I got the letter telling me that I had kept my scholarship all three years. The work to stay in the top of class to maintain the scholarship was done. All those anxiety-filled sleepless nights, stressing about whether I could do it flashed before my eyes. He had protected and guided me throughout. The feeling of truly knowing that God has been walking with me was surreal. I fell to my knees and wept. 

He was faithful to provide the opportunity and I was so doubtful. I learned that He is truly a provider. He guided me to law school. He provided at every turn. 

O ye of little faith. Lesson learned. 

3) Gratitude is everything. 

I had amazing moment after amazing moment in 2014. Everything I had worked for my entire life all came together. Everything was so good. I got to reap the fruit of hard work and it was so good. However, I learned that it’s not when everything is really good that you are joy filled. Making the extra effort to stop, pause, look around at the people and moments in my life to thank God for the them has changed everything for me. 

This year was the year that I started making a conscious effort to stop, think about the amazing things that were happening in my life and say thank you. Everything can fly by so quickly. 

I learned to to step back and soak in moments, taking mental snap shots of the people and joy in my life. I allowed myself to get really emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude for the good. 

Diving into the joy of now. Lesson learned. 


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