Little Joy- Hats

This starts a new series about the small things in the every day that bring little joys. So naturally, I first thought about my weakness for wearing hats. They are the one thing I always want to buy even though I have a million that I do not get to wear enough. Hats are so wonderful for a couple of reasons 1) because it is freezing in Chicago and you generally need to wear one, 2) they hide a bad hair day, and 3) they add a different something to any outfit and can be so fun. Plus girls generally look adorable in them and it’s just an easy accessory that adds style. Bottom line- this will probably not be the last post that I do about hats in some fashion… 

Black brimmed hat found here. Simple everyday beanie found here. Fun leopard print option that I wear all the time. Love the idea of this big panama hat. 


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