Four Books to Read

Growing up as a child we were never allowed to watch TV, so I became a ferocious reader. Being an introvert, there are so many times when I would just rather read than head out on the town. Books change the way you think, see the world and how you speak. I love words and am so deeply moved by really good writing. 

Over the past couple months I have read the following books which I highly recommend: 

1) Bittersweet, By Shauna Niequist
Oh man. Where to begin? Shauna writes about a faith filled life and God’s movement within her life without being too like “HEY Guys! I am writing about God now!” Like all people who really know God is real and with them, she does not have to constantly remind you. This book just oozes with the essence of God. I cried. I stayed up all night reading because I could not stop. I read the chapter “Twenty-Five” right after I turned 25 and felt like I was reading a note from God, words that spoke directly to me at the moment I needed to hear them. This book leaves you thankful for those tough seasons of life, deeply touched by the beauty and growth in painful moments. Gah. I wish I could go back in time and re-read it again for the first time. So good. Just do yourself a favor and read every book by Shauna Niequist. 

2) Jesus Is, by Judah Smith
My favorite preacher. Judah Smith is such a gifted communicator who knows how to make you laugh and then moves you to tears in the next moment. Jesus Is tells stories about Jesus, reminding you about the reality of grace in a world where it is easier to believe that God’s grace is too good to be true. After reading this book, you feel more joy filled and hopeful, overwhelmed by the reality of who Jesus Is. Judah Smith bursts with joy in a world filled with too many burdened, depressed Christians. 

3) Love Does, by Bob Goff 

Confession- I did not read this in the past couple of months. BUT, this book deserves to be on every list of books to read. While reading it there were moments when I wondered whether Bob Goff was the fourth member of the Trinity because he seemed to just so totally get and embody the essence of our faith. If you knew me while I was reading this book, I am sorry. I could not stop talking about it. It was a life changer. Love Does smashes any boundaries you might have placed upon your life. It ignited something deep within my heart and gave me a bigger vision for my life than I had ever thought was possible. Bob Goff encourages you to live with whimsy. Whimsy, full of romance, full of generosity, full of love and what matters. I spoke with him on the phone once and he is the real deal. I will never forget it. 

4) When Life is Hard, By James Macdonald. 
I hope you aren’t going through a tough season of life, but if you are then this book will give you hope and a purpose for the pain. The truth in this book allowed me to sit back and rename the tough seasons in my life. It showered them with hope. I highly suggest. 

… I realize all of these books would fall under the Christian category, but that’s what happens when you really love something, you can not stop thinking about it and want to know more and more… 


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