Moments from STORY Chicago

Ben Arment, Creator of the STORY Conference, started out the conference saying that he wanted the two days to create disruption in each attendee’s life. Disruption to break the status quo and elevate the sensibilities.  STORY satisfied by creating experiences for attendees that were larger than life. Coming off of STORY Conference feels a little bit like returning from Young Life camp, where you are still riding the high of being transcended into an experience that is greater than yourself and ultimately points to the Creator. My heart is rushing, full and completely engaged.  I want to allow some of this to settle, but in the meantime, I thought that I would share some of my favorite take away quotes from a few of the presenters. 



Jonah Lehrer

(Popular chronicler of neuroscience. NY Times Bestselling author of “Imagine: How Creativity Works,” “Proust Was a Neuroscientist,” “How We Decide”)

“The act of making and working on your craft is the reward itself. You may attain fame and fortune for your work but that is not what satisfies. The satisfaction comes from pushing the rock up the hill, not arriving at the top of the hill.”

“Choosing a partner is choosing a set of problems. Problems that never get resolved. The pleasure comes from working through the conflict, not from not having any conflict. The persistence of love is the ability to confront our human errors.” 

“The creative process rewards the over confident and naive.”

“We seek distraction because anything is easier than doing what we love. There is a difference between what we value as a society and what provides meaning. The fun is the work. Successful people do what they love.” 

“Love is what lasts. It is what you keep coming back to. The feelings that persist.” 

Malcolm London 

(Poet, performer and activist. Won the “Louder Than a Bomb” youth poetry slam.)


“Justice is what love looks like in public.” 

Matt Kinsley 

(Author of “Framing Faith”, Photographer, Author and Story Teller) 

“Let the moment capture us. Let your heart engage with the story, the more the audience can connect with the story the more we can feel the experience.” 

After discovering he had a learning disorder.. “What everyone was calling a curse was actually a blessing. It gave me this super power- this ability to ready body language and spot moments.” 

Christopher Chapman 

(Global Director of Creativity and Innovation at Walt Disney)

“The importance of the element of mystery- you do not need to show everything to understand the story.” 

“Do I want to visit this world and why? Do I want to root for this character?” 

“Willing suspension of disbelief. Every detail is important. You may not be able to articulate it, but if it affects the feeling of the experience then it is important.” 

“Keep them in the world. Do not let a single detail take them out of the world.” 

“Surprise and Delight.” 


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