Couch Surfing

In case you are surfing the web and looking for some other sites to check out, the following are sites that I can practically guarantee you will love:  

Shauna Niequist’s Blog is the perfect place to read more of her thoughts on life, faith and savoring every day moments. Every post reads like a note from a really good friend. She can do no wrong in my book. #obsessivefanstatus 

Sequins & Stripes – Love Liz Schneider’s style. Every post is perfectly curated and is just full of fun and happiness. As a Chicago native, her tips about the city are always right on. 

Cupcakes & Cashmere –  Ofcourse, you have to check out the original blogger from which all other life style bloggers came. I kinda love how you are never quite sure what type of content you are going to get each day. 

LoveTaza – Confession- I check out this site almost every day because her children are quite possibly the cutest children that have ever walked the face of the earth. I love how her content is so family based. If you did not want children before checking out this blog, by the time you leave you will be yearning for sweet little munchkins like hers. 

Olivia Rae James – The queen of high quality photography from Charleston, South Carolina she combines basically everything that I love in life (Charleston, amazing photography, food and clouds) into art. You leave feeling inspired to take better pictures. Such a huge girl crush. 

Barefoot Blonde – The queen of long blonde hair. You have to check out her hair tutorials. I have watched so many of her braid tutorials it is probably slightly pathetic. 

And of course my dear friend Joanna’s site, Grace in Style. She gives such good outfit tips that easily transition into work and every day life. You can replicate her outfits without spending a ton of money. 

Happy surfing! 🙂 


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