An Ode to Chicago Greyness

Confession- I love Chicago’s greyness. It is a city with personality, grit and depth. A place where the weather never seems to mock your emotions but changes quickly enough to match them. 

If the city were a person, it would rock a fedora but yet still gracefully slip into chiffon. 

I love how Chicago never over compensates by providing constant blue skies. Instead, Chicago embraces its moodiness and does not over perform. It seems to know that the people who really love it will stick it out through those grey sky seasons. 

There are moments when Chicago seems to scoff at those “more beautiful” cities because it is self aware, and like a truly confident person, loves its shortcomings as much as its beauty. Chicago wants only those who will deal with the difficulties to stay. It is not the picture perfect person at the party that is easy to love but the one standing off to the side that is actually worth it to love. 

So, Chicago, thank you for being raw, unpredictable and soul achingly beautiful. Thank you for being the best backdrop for a beautiful story.

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