Pancakes, Shot Guns and Afternoon Naps

^^ The sweetest little house on the way to Blackberry Farm. 

Our days at Blackberry Farm consisted of lots of time spent eating together, going on bike rides, hikes and taking afternoon naps. After a long summer mostly spent trying to stay hyper focused in the library, it was exactly what I needed. 

^^ I mean, this tree! There is nothing more beautiful than old, sprawling trees. 

^^ Shannon being adorable while waiting for me to push her. 

^^ Summer at Blackberry Farm means lots of tomatoes and this was a sampling of Gazpacho. 

^^ Fresh made scones and biscuits from the kitchen and the most gorgeous fresh fruit.

^^ There is so much beauty in simplicity. 

^^ Hiking through the Smoky Mountains before we got lost and had to call the front desk for directions out of the woods. This only happens to city people. 

^^ Hanging beds in the sanctuary which allowed for tired guests to take afternoon naps- the beds were on pullies and disappeared into the ceiling making room for a yoga studio in the morning. 

^^ My fellow napper 

^^ I learned how to shoot for the first time! What an amazing stress reliever…one that I am really glad I did not know about during law school… 

^^ It is really surprising how much strength it takes to shoot a shotgun. They are really heavy! My arm was sore for days afterwards. 

 ^^ Such a sweet picture of Shannon and her butterfly friend. 

Until next time Tennessee … 


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